A Tale of Two Systems by Dean Adams Curtis

From today through the early years of the next decade, the U.S. Interstate Highway System will become ever more populated with highway rated green vehicles.

Rapidly evolving battery technologies will facilitate greater availability and sales of electric vehicles made by all the major automobile manufacturers. These electric, hydrogen, hybrid, propane and natural gas cars will be equipped with the latest safety features and will zip along at the interstate speeds we have be become accustomed to.

How does the evolution of green cars by major manufacturers impact this web site's advocacy of a new green interstate system for vehicles currently classified as NEVs and MSEVs, vehicles which are speed limited and weight limited for your safety and survivability in the event of accidents?

We propose the development of an alternative green interstate system to provide additional options for both automobile entrepreneurs and environmentally conscious consumers.

The Green Interstate will always offer slower travel and a more intense exposure to the landscape and people of the United States. This greater level of involvement with the land and local populations will be enhanced further by travel in the highest possible mileage vehicles that offer and the lowest possible environmental impact.

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