Toward a Green Interstate by Dean Adams Curtis

A vast network of forgotten roads shadows the United States interstate highway system just waiting to be repurposed into a "Green Interstate." When they are, these roads will revitalize the economies of towns they energized once upon a time. This new Green Interstate will not be put together from big government. It will evolve from Communities with nearly forgotten roads far off the beaten interstate trail will need to determine for themselves if they would like to become part of a new green interstate system proposed and promoted on this web site for the first time anywhere.

Town councils and county boards of supervisors across America have an opportunity to put forward their segments of this new nationwide alternative transportation solution and in the process to embrace the revitalizations of their local economies. This new system can be brought into existence without the environmental degradation and the carbon footprint new road construction causes. The great thing about the green interstate is that it already exists!

Today there are dozens of exciting new electric car manufacturers ready to sell you what is called a "NEV," which stands for "neighborhood electric vehicle." These are also known as Low Speed Vehicles, or LSVs. These little babies are great for cruising around your neighborhood at 25 miles per hour or less. But because they are non-standard, and because they lack required safety features, they are not allowed on freeways and interstates.

There have been MSEV (Medium Speed Electric Vehicle) laws passed by Montana and Washington that raise the speed limit for LSVs to 35 miles per hour. These states have added the requirement that roll bars or crush-proof body designs be integrated into MSEVs. None of these vehicles, the LSVs that are also called NEVs, nor the MSEVs, can travel between cities on our nation's interstate highway system.

Our analysis of the state of alternative vehicle adoption and acceptance in the United States has led us to conclude there is a need to create a green interstate system to accommodate them.

Prior to federal recognition and support of this effort, this web site will serve as a clearinghouse for information, a database of what stretches of roads communities are proposing for their share of the green interstate system.

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See green cars currently rated okay to roll on the interstates by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).










MSEV concept car created by Fiat.